Does It Feel As If Potential Business Is Slipping Through Your Fingers?

There are only 3 ways to increase the amount of revenue coming in. Bump up your prices, sell more to your existing clients, and getting more clients.

You’ve probably already discovered that the last, and sexiest option of the three is also the most difficult. Pay Per click advertising, web Design, Email Marketing, and customer acquisition is not an easy game to play if your a novice in the field.

Sure you may be getting a couple new clients every once in a while, but if you were to look at a few of your competitors, how many new clients are they getting every day?

What’s the difference between what you are doing and what they are?

What’s the difference?

Your competition Beet You Too It! But It’s Not too Late…

If you were to go ahead and google a service that you provide, what do you see come up? Ad, ad, ad, ad… If you’re wondering why your sales pipeline is currently barren, there is your reason.

Paid traffic (AdWords, Facebook Ads) convert 10 times more than organic traffic for a variety of reasons. But mostly for these two.

  • The customer knows its an ad.
  • They click on it anyway.

Why? Because that potential client is ready to be sold to, giving you the opportunity to collect information and pitch your product or service to someone whose ears are open, and not necessarily a tire kicker just scanning for information.

There is only one problem…

What’s the problem?

It’s A Big Learning Curve!

While you may say, alright I’m ready to start buying advertising, there is a ton to think about set up if you want your monthly budget to create results, just to name some of it…

  • Keyword research

  • Multiple landing pages

  • Landing Page Variations

  • Ad creation

  • Copywriting

  • Quality Score

  • Competition analysis

  • Landing Page Variations

  • Email Marketing

  • Reporting

The list goes on… If you’ve never been exposed to that, you could be spending years developing the knowledge required to implement a single campaign… But there is a solution!

What’s the solution? TELL ME!

Get Someone To Do It For You!

There are professionals and companies who dedicate their lives to the study and implementation of best digital marketing practices. The best agencies do all their work in house and employ copywriters, designers, web developers, and ad specialists who are available to talk directly to you at any time.

When the right people are at your disposal, amazing things happen. Click through rates sky rocket, conversions increase, sales increase, profits go up, and then you can scale up!

Where is my dream team?

We’re Closer Than You Think!

The Training Business Pros Digital Marketing Team is just around the corner. We’d be happy to have you come in and meet each of our in house team members so you understand not only that you’re working with the best in class team, but that we care about you and the long term success of your company!

To book your time to come in and find out how we can help you get more affordable & qualified leads to improve your profits and help you scale up your company, you can..

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